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Self Defense

We don’t like to admit it but there are some streets in San Jose that we would rather not walk down alone at night. Usually, the thing to do is just avoid these places, but sometimes trouble comes to you. When it does, it is best to be prepared. Almaden Taekwondo is here to give the people of San Jose the tools they need to protect themselves when they need to.

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Child Classes

Children need lots of activity to use all the energy they have and grow up healthy and strong. But learning a martial art is much more than that. It also starts a child on a lifelong path of enjoying physical activity in a positive atmosphere.

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Martial Arts

If you are looking to try out martial arts, Almaden Taekwondo wants to work with you. Our center is home to martial art masters who enjoy sharing their passions with adults, children, and youth. We offer lessons in Taekwondo, self-defense, and more.

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