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If you are looking to try out martial arts, Almaden Taekwondo wants to work with you. Our center is home to martial art masters who enjoy sharing their passions with adults, children, and youth. We offer lessons in Taekwondo, self-defense, and more.

We're confident you'll enjoy being a part of our community, and we invite you to reach us with any questions.

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Contact Us About Mixed Martial Arts Courses

Our studio has been in business for years, and we're proud to offer our community access to a variety of high-quality mixed martial arts classes, including:

  • Adult classes
  • Teen classes
  • Children's classes
  • Black belt
  • Self-defense

If you are interested in learning more about specific classes, our team would be happy to discuss them with you.

Help Your Family Develop Confidence with Martial Arts for Kids

Not only is martial arts a great way to keep your kids fit and living a healthy, active lifestyle, but it can teach them valuable life lessons and skills, including:

  • Self-esteem
  • Focus
  • Manners
  • Work-ethic
  • Respect
  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Self-discipline

Whether your child is new to group activities or if they thrive in social settings, our classes are designed to include everyone and meet the needs of every individual child.

To learn more about our approach to children's martial arts, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Need a New Hobby? Almaden Taekwondo Offers Martial Arts Classes for Adults

It is never too late to learn a new skill, and if you're looking to get fit and have fun as an adult, martial arts could be a great choice. The adults we work with learn a lot from our program, from creating a community to getting back in shape and building overall confidence.

Whether you are interested in learning the art of Taekwondo or a more practical skill like self-defense, our experts look forward to welcoming you to our class.

Find Great Rates on Martial Arts Classes

At Almaden Taekwondo, we want to welcome as many prospective students to our studio as possible, and that's why we are happy to offer the most competitive rates in the area. If you'd like to know more about what we charge for our high-quality classes, our team is just a phone call away, and we encourage you to reach us at your convenience.

Reach Our Team to Discover the Martial Arts Classes We Offer

Whether you are brand new to martial arts, or if you are looking to improve your practice, Almaden Taekwondo trainers will meet you where you're at. We are so much more than just a studio for martial arts. We are a warm, welcoming community that prides itself on being inclusive and family friendly.

Whether you wish to schedule a class for your child or teen, or if you're interested in discovering martial arts for yourself, we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact our friendly team to learn about the many classes we have opening this season.

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